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Risk Management / Exposure

Primary Multifamily/Commercial Coverage

by Milan Insurance Partners

  • Property
    • Property insurance provides protection against most of the risks associated with owning an investment property. This portion of your policy will outline what coverage options you have against fire, theft, and weather damage. Additional endorsements can be made here to protect against flood, boiler and machinery, earthquake, etc.
  • General Liability
    • General liability coverage protects entities from risks associated with people interacting with the investment property. These risks include, but are not limited to, bodily injury, third party property damage, and advertising and libel damages.
  • Umbrella Liability/ Excess Liability
    • Umbrella coverage exists to protect owners in the event that the general liability limits are exhausted. Generally these policies are required in transactions where a lender is involved, and recommended by agents even in instances where it is not required. In today‚Äôs litigious society these are a must have.
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